-> Anti Money Laundry and Terrorism Compliance software

Verify identities and addresses with artificial intelligence

Bionic Anti Money Laundry comes pre-indexed with international sanctions lists

Pre-release software

Bionic is currently building this solution, and we are actively seeking business partners within the financing and compliance market

Please contact us for more information on the development of this product

Not yet another fuzzy matcher

Bionic's Relevancy Ranking™ algorithm features unprecedented spelling error tolerance

Bionic's neural network measures the mathematical distance between search strings, and matches the entire search string with each indexed reference. In contrast to our competitors, Bionic's relevancy ranking works without narrowing the users search range.

Always-on relevancy algorithms

Virtually limitless fault-tolerance allows for severe spelling errors, without performance drop or inconsistency

Built-in Machine Learning

Adapts to any pattern such as user behavior, typical entries, or common misspellings

True autocomplete

Real-time search results without using a 'Did you mean?' function

Language agnostic semantic search capabilities

Smart indexing identifies common phrases such as 'the', and supports word stemming without dictionary data

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