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Search with exceptional relevance and performance

Discover the world’s best performing critical search system

Unique algorithms for outstanding search relevance

Take the guesswork out of the equation

Bionic introduces a new approach to search. With our neural network vector models we take the guesswork out of the equation.

Unmatched index and response time

We offer the world's fastest search engine, with more than 1.000 search queries per second and an indexing speed of more than 50.000 entries per second.

1.5 million entries indexes in ~20 seconds

1 ms response time on one single instance

Not yet another fuzzy matcher

Bionic's Relevancy Ranking™ algorithm features unprecedented spelling error tolerance

Bionic's neural network measures the mathematical distance between search strings, and matches the entire search string with each indexed reference. In contrast to our competitors, Bionic's relevancy ranking works without narrowing the users search range.

Always-on relevancy algorithms

Virtually limitless fault-tolerance allows for severe spelling errors, without performance drop or inconsistency

Built-in Machine Learning

Adapts to any pattern such as user behavior, typical entries, or common misspellings

True autocomplete

Real-time search results without using a 'Did you mean?' function

Language agnostic semantic search capabilities

Smart indexing identifies common phrases such as 'the', and supports word stemming without dictionary data

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Easy to use
Highly configurable
Can run in the browser
< 1 MB footprint
GDPR compliant
Single file installation
True autocomplete
Inverted search
Multi-facet search
Duplication control
No error limits
Foreign key support
Asynchronous indexing


Works with any system and any data source

On-premise or cloud-based system configurations

Compared to conventional search engines

50-100x faster response time

Bionic Search can repeat a search a thousand times in a second, and will even outperform a computer monitors refresh rate

64x smaller installation

Bionic Search requires less than 500KB, compared to Elastic Search (32MB)

Vastly lower CPU usage

Keep running cost low with our modern and lightweight software

No spelling error limits

Virtually unlimited faulty characters, in contrast to maximum 2 in other systems

Indexing time (1M posts)15 seconds124 minutes57 minutes102 minutes
Query time1 millisecond100+ milliseconds50-100+ milliseconds200+ milliseconds
Installation size500 KB73 MB32 MBCloud only
Can run in the browserYes, with up to 10.000 entriesNoNoNo
Can run offline on mobile appsYes, see Native App SearchNoNoNo
Spelling error correctionUnlimitedMax 2 charactersMax 2 charactersMax 2 characters
PlatformsC# .NET, C/C++, Java (Kotlin), Swift iOS, TypescriptJavaJavaN/A
Language handlingSupports all languages simultaneouslyNeeds special configuration and plugins13 languages supportedLanguage-agnostic for basic use
Highly customizableYesYes, with special trainingYes, with special trainingYes

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